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  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Trendy Top in pakistan
    The As Seen on TV Trendy Top is a definitive layering embellishment.Trendy Top in pakistan This shirt extender is ideal for wearing with pants, low-ascent shorts and skirts. It arrives in a 2pk of XL layering embellishments, and the As Seen on TV Trendy Top gives you a layered look with no lumps or bumps and covers

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Product Description
    Pizza maker in pakista

    Deluxe Pizza Maker WF-3165 Specifications:-

    Detail izza maker in pakistan

    Limit 12 Inch Pizza.

    Non Stick Coating Plates for simple cleaning.

    30 Minutes clock for simple cooking,Pizza maker in pakistan

    Open to 180 to fill in as flame broil and frying pan.

    Power and Ready light Indicator

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Sandwich Makers in pakistan

    Dark OR WHITE Product shading: BLACK OR WHITE Description: NameSandwich Maker 2-cut sandwich producer Safety pilot light-weights Sandwich Makers in pakistan (power light and arranged light) Telemall Thermostatically controlled warmth plates Over warming security & Safety intrude on chrome steel trimm

    Marycooper nice
    2 years ago
  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Ice cream maker in pakistan
    A magnificent machine, basic and flexible for your sweet blend Our machines ar PC controlled and direct for sweet producers to improve and expand top of the reach mixture.Telemall Ice cream creator in pakistan pleasant solidness, easy to oversee, eight prepared blend programs preset, one key for entire me

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Electronic Cigarette in Pakistan
    E Health cigarette in Asian nation

    Electronic Cigarette in Pakistan finally an item that controls smoking though not can-do your schedule

    The sans phytotoxin Health E cigarette has scholastic degree true look delivering non poisonous alkaloid free water Electronic Cigarette in Pakistan vapors

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Coffee Magic Mug in Pakistan
    Espresso Magic Mug in Pakistan Frothing Mug is that the brisk and minimal effort as a result of flip plain intermittent into a cognoscenti treat, anyplace, in seconds.Telemall pk

    Foam, mix, and drink, dead oCoffee Magic Mug in Pakistan

    Make latte, cappucino, cocoa and a lot of

    Awesome with tasteful s

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Neckline Slimmer in Pakistan
    Take years off your look and tenderly firm the basic muscles of the neck and fix the skin while not expensive Neckline Slimmer in Pakistan reconstructive surgery.Telemall Neckline Slimmer in Pakistan Use simply two minutes consistently and accordingly the Neckline Slimmer in Pakistan As Seen On TV will

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Best Air o Dry in Pakistan

    The Air o Dry in Pakistan is in this manner advantageous, simple to utilize, in this manner sensible, so necessary. Telemall right away every social unit can have one. inferable from the light blow-Air o Dry in Pakistan convection innovation, the Air o Dry in Pakistan may be an ought to for drying hand-wash-ju

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Intex Inflatable Sofa and Stool in Pakistan
    2013 most current far reaching seat, intex couch, Telemall

    OEM is welcome, and to boot we’ve a bowed to prepared in our distribution center, that the miscroscopic amount is gotten.

    2013 intex choice seat

    Couch size: 104x109x71cm

    Stool size: 64x28cm

    3 very surprising sh

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Magic Bullet Blender in Pakistan

    Item Description

    The cure could be an altogether new develop in labor-sparing gadgets. not care for enormous blenders and awkward sustenance processors Telemall that the mass people just haul out of capacity for particular formulas and unique events, the cure is so convenient, so adaptable and

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Yoga Mats in pakistan
    Pyc wellness could be a specific maker of Yoga Mats in pakistan,we make and wholesale of yoga activity mat and extra wellness instrumentality in china. Telemall

    Our Yoga Mats in pakistan, intended for amateurs and pros alike, supply cushioning that is thick by and by light-weight. The “sticky” composition will a fan

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Electric beauty threader in Pakistan

    Electric Threading is that the antiquated specialty of hair threading made clear and may be utilized on the higher lip, jaw, sideburns, cheeks and eyebrows, it even discovers fine hairs that waxing and tweezers neglect to dispose of successfully. Telemall pk

    • quick & exact treatme

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Digital blood pressure monitor in Pakistan

    Fluid Crystal show, Telemall

    Miniaturized scale moving pump

    Electrical magnet esteem

    Oscillometric procedure

    Three Keys: Power/Start, Memory, User

    Showing date, time and Year, Telemall pk

    3Vdc;”AAA” kind battery x a join of

    Around 250 estimations (antacid batteries)

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Unwind the strain and torment of head effectively. Telemall

    Head Massager in pakistan the uncommon focuses in head and neck to support the blood flow

    advance the development of cerebrum cells and facilitate the strain and agony of head. Telemall pk


    Beginning nail back rub plan;

    Seven air sacs for back rub all totally

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Automatic Perfume Dispenser in Pakistan
    Latrine gadget scent container, Telemall

    ABS plastic

    Divider mounted

    Interim time: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes


    Programmed Perfume Dispenser in Pakistan


    ABS Plastic

    Divider mounted

    Bolt and key for convict confirmation

    For standard smell jar of 300ml(H*

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Shake Weight For Men in Pakistan

    Shake Weight is expected particularly for women to help you work out not mass up.Telemall No lifting weights or genuine workout. upheld new exertion innovation known as Dynamic Inertia, Shake Weight For Men in Pakistant lights the muscles in your arms, shoulders and mid-section. It never-endin

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Boxing Set in Pakistan

    Boxing is no more an amusement held for tormented youths with superb sobriquets, Telemall for instance, “The Italian Stallion” or “Apollo Creed.” In late decades, it has formed to transform into a common kind of action and a fun way to deal with stay alive and well. Boxing is a remarkable all-round diversion, in t

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago

    Telebrand Big internet shopping in pakistan Cash on Delivery Telemall

    Material Type: Glass

    Dial Material Type: Stainless Steel

    Development: Quartz

    Band Width: Under 10mm, Telemall pk

    Dial Diameter: 2.6 cm

    Shading: Black Style:Antique

    Material: Genuine Leather

    Weight: Appro

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Product Description
    Electric Blower in Pakistan

    Thing Description

    Voltage/Frequency: 230v~50hz, Telemall

    Data Power: 600w

    No Load Speed: 16000 rpm

    Air Circulation Rate: 2.5 cbm/s, Telemall pk

    * D-sort handle for basic operation

    * Light weight plot

    * Variable rate. Telemall pakistan

  • telemall shared a photo.
    2 years ago
    Rechargeable Fan in Pakistan

    Rechargeable fan with night light : Telemall pk

    “Multiangle tilting.

    Aerating and cooling/Dc convincing 2-speed influencing fan.

    Influencing control handle.

    Inalienable power string/connection and rechargeable battery. Telemall

    Holder of the spread.


    4-Hours battery fortification time.


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