Today, most women are entangled in a lot of different activities such as family commitments, work, hobbies and participation in social parties. As a matter of fact, an average woman is more pressed and burdened than ever before and as a result, she does not have time to take care of her physical and mental wellbeing. This has also compelled most woman to have hairstyles that is compatible with all the situations and easy and quick to design as well.

Following lines explain some of the most common hairstyles that look good in all scenarios and don't need more than 5 minutes of styling.

  • Low Side Braid:
    Low side braid is one of the simplest hairstyles which ladies can design within minutes at home. You can make your hair look even more stylish by slightly teasing them at the crown.
  • Side Ponytail:
    Side ponytail has been one of the most popular hairstyles not only among the commoners but among the high profile celebrities as well. It takes just a couple of minutes to style, imparting an amazing look and feel to your overall personality. Use a tiny bit of hairspray to blast your hair following by curling them around your figure and you are ready to go.
  • Slicked Back:
    If you have short hair, it is a brilliant idea to slick them back of your head but it can be time consuming and somewhat confusing. However, you can make things easier for you by dressing up a bob with wet locks. Apply a gel or pomade with your fingers on wet hair. Similarly, use a thin-toothed comb for brushing the hair back as it will eliminate any chances of bumps.
  • Add Shapes:
    It is a blessing to have straight locks and you can make them even more enticing and attractive by adding different shapes to them. For example, you can create a side part followed by loosely pulling the strands to the side using a clipping. Again, it will not take more than 5 minutes of your precious time.
  • Tiny French Braids:
    French braids have garnered real popularity among all and sundry of late and you can also experiment with them. A tiny French braid above the ear will add personality and character to the straight braids, making you look gorgeous and standout from the rest.
  • Hide your Bangs:
    Nowadays, women don't have time to style their bangs, especially in the case of blunt ones. The easiest and quickest method to style them is to pin them on the either side of your head after creating a center part. You can create a perfect illusion that there are not bangs at all by letting your hair fall over the pins. Similarly, if you think that you cannot get the job done yourself, there is nothing wrong in spending few minutes in a good hair salon and parlor.
  • Classic Braids:
    Finally, classic braids are for the all seasons, occasions and eras and they are still as popular as they were 50 years ago. You can create a straight classic braid by pulling all of your hair back and few of them by the ear. This will impart a soft cool look to you, helping you to divert all the attention towards yourself.

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