Merits And Demerits Of Riding Alone And In GroupIt is Friday night and you are all set to go on a solo ride tomorrow. You have created your own workout or are going to follow a specific workout put in place by your coach. Then you receive a call from your friend inviting you to join a group ride. It is a tough decision to make without any doubt. Do you want to wander solo in the woods, drawing motivation from within and try to do what you think is right for you? Or, should you venture with your friends, follow their philosophy and try to fit in your own workout?

Benefits of Riding Alone:

Some of the top benefits of riding alone are as under.

  • Motivation:
    Solo riding helps you to build mental toughness in addition with allowing you to focus on yourself. It is solely up to you to complete your own objectives. It is all about yourself, your horse and the ride. You use your own motivation to continue because there is no other rider to chase or move away from. This will make your physically as well as mentally stronger.
  • Independence:
    If you are riding alone, you answer only to yourself. You don't have to wait for those who are late and there are no meeting time or schedules to accommodate. There is no one else to dictate the effort or pace and you choose the route independently as well. You can extend your ride if you feel good or gently stroll back home if your horse is getting tired.
  • Focus:
    When you decide to ride solo, you have the independence to implement your plans. Whether you are using a training plan or working directly with a riding coach, the plan helps you to get where you want to get. The plan is designed considering your strengths, weaknesses, constraints and of course, learning goals. This will help you to maintain focus because there is nothing else to distract you, enabling you to concentrate on the job at hand.

Benefits of Riding in a Group:

There are many benefits of riding in a group as well and some of them are as under.

  • Handling and Safety:
    You must practice the skill of riding in the group as it will teach you to handle your horse predictably and be safe when others horses are mere inches away from you. Group ride will also enhance other skills such as sprinting with others and descending. You can also polish other techniques such as how to stay with the group and position yourself correctly.
  • The Social Aspect:
    Horse riding is essentially an individual sport but riding in a group adds a social aspect to it. It helps you to measure yourself with other riders in addition with giving you more flying hours to become proficient in riding. The rider will be in the best position to assess his progress especially if he is in the group with people of same age and skill levels.

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